Prom & Homecoming

There are many milestones in a teens life. One of them is going to prom. There are many movies made about it. It's one of the bigger events that happen, that mostly everyone looks forward to. Girls are hoping that a guy asks them and guys are nervous to ask a girl. In the end, it happens to be a beautiful night. Girls get to go shopping, try on lots of dresses and get a make over. Guys get to rent a tux and buy a corsage. On the day of the prom, loads of pictures are taken. Photos by themselves, with their dates, with their family, with their friends. Taken here and there and everywhere.

Having a limo bus to take the teens to the dance is a smart and fun idea. Fun for them because they all get to travel together so that everyone is included. Plus who doesn't like to travel in a limo bus. They can start dancing before the dance even starts. It is also smart for the teens to take the limo bus to and from the dance because then you don't have to worry, as much. With the limo bus, there is a chauffeur who will be driving them to and from the dance. No teenager has to drive with the worry of them becoming distracted and something happening. Imagine the look of the teens faces when you either tell them that they can get a limo bus or when the limo bus pulls up to surprise them.

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