Sports Games and Tailgating

When you have tickets to a game, you know you are in for a good time. That excitement of hoping that your team wins or the disappointment when your team loses. Many make a whole day out of the game. They get their friends together, head to the stadium, maybe tailgate, then go to the game. There is one thing that is not mentioned yet, traffic.

Traffic can and most likely will be awful. Going to the game and leaving the game, expect lots of traffic resulting in stand stills and minutes flying by. The number one reason why you should rent a limo bus or limo from Kalamazoo Limo, is that you or anyone in your group, doesn't have to worry about the traffic. The chauffeur will be the one to deal with it. You and your guests can enjoy themselves in the back of the vehicles, using the amenities that are provided. No one has to get stressed or angry.

Did you know that you could tailgate with a limo bus? Imagine everyone's looks when you pull up to tailgate in a limo bus. People will envy you. With our excellent stereo system, you can bump up the music. There are coolers in the buses with ice so that you can put your food in them to stay cold till you cook them. You will enjoy yourself so much, that for every game, you get a limo bus. There's no better way of traveling to a game, than in a limo bus.

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